Last Las Vegas TechEd

5 Technology SAP Technical Consultant need to learn in 2020

This is an impression after attending TechEd 2019 in Las Vegas.

New technology is coming out in a super-fast way. As a Technical consultant of SAP. What should you learn?

You…you mean I need to learn a new programming language..?


The Last Las Vegas TechEd and the first Juergen Mueller Teched Keynote as CTO
  1. SAP is moving its business to Cloud and the ratio of S/4 HANA is shrinking.
  2. SAP Cloud Strategy is so different from other cloud vendors (it’s a big chance for traditional SAP Technical Consultant)
  3. X-data Qualtrics is coming!

If you check the keynote of SAP CTO Juergen Mueller. He almost didn’t mention once about the ERP. As you can see the X-data / O-data loop in SAP strategy. Obviously SAP is sketching a big roadmap for digital transformation and S4 is just one part of it.

After 4 days session and here is my opinion as a technical consultant.

#1 javascript / Node for CAPM (Cloud Application Programming Model)

Other hot topics in this area: Golang / Rust / Typescript

ABAP is moving to the cloud. Yes, you can use ABAP environment. But if you are trying to develop a modern web application. You have a ton of best practices for doing this. It’s hard to find the advantage of ABAP. There is still a lot of issues for ABAP cloud-like debug, CI/CD(Try to deploy your ABAP cloud code from dev to qa, it’s not easy.)

So you have to learn new programming language for SAP work? Yes but no! SAP recommends ODATA strongly and it’s not a popular protocol in the opensource world. Even a professional JAVA developer also needs a long time to learn the server-side development of ODATA. The good news is SAP introduced the new programming model for Javascript / JAVA developer which called Cloud Application Programming Model. It really makes ABAP developer easier to join the opensource world.

You can use CAPM by node.js or JAVA. I recommend node.js because basically we only develop the lightweight application as an extension of S4 HANA. And usually, we use SAPUI5 as the frontend so wen can develop in 1 language to finish our project.

Even the JAVA with spring boot is still too heavy when you compare with Express.js.

CAPM Information:

#2 Cloud Foundry

Other hot topics in this area: Docker / K8s

Yes in docker and k8s is so hot in container area but you only have only 1 option in SAP Cloud Platform which is Cloud Foundry. It’s also very easy to deploy your app from local to the cloud. More and more extension will be developed out of the S/4 HANA. So that means you need to know how to manage the application on SAP Cloud.

Luckily, you only need to learn just one technology. It’s another big part of a technical consultant in the cloud age. Knowing the CF command is the minimum requirement.

#3 Git

It’s not new but very important. Even ABAP is starting to embrace git. How can you only know the SE10? It’s unbelievable that 1 function can only being edited by one person at the same time. Git is a version control tool but it’s the base of the modern CD / CI process.

As a technical consultant. We need have the ability to make the rule that how to create branch and when the developer can merge their changes.

#4 Jenkins and cloud base deployment concept

Jenkins is doing CTS Like things to help us to transport code to the deferent landscape. It’s very common in the opensource areas that use Jenkins for CD / CI process. When you commit the code in a git repository, it can trigger Jenkins and run the test and deployment tasks automatically. If you want to expand your administrator role to the cloud you also need to understand the concept.

SAP also introduced Cloud transport service to bring the same taste as S/4. Since we develop the extension on the cloud.

We have to make our release at the same time or the interface won’t work correctly.

#5 SAPUI5 / Fiori Element

Other hot topic in this area: React.js / Vue.js / Angular.js

Stop creating a GUI extension. It’s not an S/4 way. Using SAPUI5 can help the user do more things in a more efficient way. SAPUI5 provides a seamless experience with a cloud extension.

SAPUI5’s document becomes readable in 2019 and there are a lot of best practices on the internet. And you can also build your own web app by OpenUI5.(Example by me)

I have to say every time, I got a lot of shocking faces when I introduce SAP GUI to new hire.
“I ordered S/4 but I got an ERP”


Every technology I introduced is not “New Tech”. But the traditional types of basis work will disappear in the future. If you don’t want to get behind. Let’s learn something new!




Born in China, living in Tokyo, Opinion is my own.

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Yunjie Ding

Yunjie Ding

Born in China, living in Tokyo, Opinion is my own.

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