Don’t Climb Mount-Fuji, Feel it

Must go hotel in Japan HOSHINOYA Fuji

Yunjie Ding
Nov 7, 2020

I’ve been living in Japan for over 10 years, but I never climate Mount-Fuji. Maybe because the available period for Mount-Fuji is too short for a workaholic salary-man in Japan.

However recently I found a new way to enjoy Mount-Fuji, It’s hotel HOSHINOYA Fuji. An absolutely different view of Mount-Fuji without any effort.

Yes, I just want to share my experience in this hotel because it’s so fantastic. If you have a travel plan for Japan after COVID-19, put this hotel on your agenda!


90% of what you paid is the view from the room and the balcony. You can spend all day on the balcony. That is actually what I did.

What the rooms look like
All facility will be explained here
Sunset with Mount-Fuji
Night drink with Mount-Fuji
Morning room view of Mount-Fuji
Sunrise of Mount-Fuji
Breakfast with Mount-Fuji

Other Facility

The restaurant and playground are located behind the rooms. They offer free cookie and hot-drinks. You can take some books from the cottage to your room.

Good Wine and ordinary high-end hotel food


No need for more words to explain how great the view is. If climbing Mout-Fuji is too difficult for you. This hotel should be a great alternative.

But now, I think I’ll take some time to climb Mount-Fuji.

Yunjie Ding

Born in China, living in Tokyo, Opinion is my own.